Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pictures as promised

Today was fun.  I went out with Ritika and a couple of her friend’s at this place called Coco’s in Banjara Hills.   I had actually been there before and it was pretty nice.  No pictures of that yet… but here are some pictures of my apartment as promised from last entry!

My room!

Door lock of my room

Closets in my room

My bathroom

My bathroom again

Living room

Americans were here... obviously

View from the balcony


And again..

Washing machine hook up on the balcony!

Another view picture

Stove burner in the kitchen

Enclosed balconey

Sticker found in my room...  Yeah, I can't imagine someone seriously putting that up anywhere.. Too patriotic for me... Thanks.


  1. Hi Pinkie,

    Glad you are loving Hyderabad, especially the prices and your apartment. I had to set up an account to respond.

    Mommom bought a computer on yesterday, Monday, July 16th! She hasn't set it up yet but I know she will want to Skype with you. Talking about Skyping, let's set up a time.

    I love your apartment too! Wish I was there (without all the traveling). I printed out your blog and will give it to Mommom, Poppop and Nanny.

    Call Nanny when you get a chance. Call me about my SS# and birthday.

    Love you,


  2. OMG that room is... so... shabby!! Ugh! lol