Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mosquito bites

So many mosquito bites in so many places, including two on the bottom of my foot.  Who would have thought that my foot tasted so good?

Anyway, this morning the IDEX fellows went on a heritage walk around Charminar in the Old City.  Saw a lot of really interesting architecture.  We arrived at Charminar at 7am which was super early, but fine because I was already up due to the really elaborate call to prayer this morning.  Ramazan started this past Friday and since then the call to pray is really amazingly elaborate.  It serves as my morning wake up call.

In other news, two more of my roommates arrived this week, Tanu and Tasha, whom are both very awesome.  Tanu is from Udaipur (i.e. Lake Palace) and Tasha is from Colorado.  I’m really happy to have such great additional roommates in the house.   After the Heritage Walk, we walked around Laad Bazaar and did some shopping.  I purchased these really cool green bangles for super cheap thanks to Tanu and her bargaining skills!  We also went to another bazaar, Sultan Bazaar I think, and looked at kurtas and pants. 

Also, when Tanu arrived on Thursday, her parents had made the trip with her and they were both so amazing nice.  And Tanu’s mother can really cook- yum.  I wish she could stay here with us….

This past Thursday night, Ritika, Tanu, Esther, Sneha and I went to TDS for karaoke night.  It was really fun and a nice time.  A lot of the fellows came out as well and it was overall a good time.  I thoroughly enjoyed other people singing ridiculously.

Here are a few pictures from the events mentioned:

Also, I have a phone now so people can call me!  Hopefully Tuesday I will have internet to post all of my pictures on Facebook / Blogger!  As well, I hope the mosquitos grow tired of my blood….


  1. Glad you're having fun...without me. You look good...get some bug spray!

    1. Thanks my little petie. Come see me. I miss you and love you. :)