Sunday, July 8, 2012

Introduction to the Life Exotic

Hi all,

This is my blog dedicated to following my time in Hyderabad, India as an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise. I will be pursuing work with Dr. Reddy's Foundation while in Hyderabad.  My move will be on Tuesday, July 10th from New York City to Hyderabad!

Will update soon!



  1. Hi Pinkie,

    Glad you are loving Hyderabad, especially the prices and your apartment. I had to set up an account to respond.

    Mommom bought a computer on yesterday, Monday, July 16th! She hasn't set it up yet but I know she will want to Skype with you. Talking about Skyping, let's set up a time.

    I love your apartment too! Wish I was there (without all the traveling). I printed out your blog and will give it to Mommom, Poppop and Nanny.

    Call Nanny when you get a chance. Call me about my SS# and birthday.

    Love you,