Monday, July 30, 2012

Foods of India versus Foods of New Orleans -- Tied?

Yesterday, my roommates cooked rajma which is literally red beans and rice.  Here is a picture I found on Google of rajma:

And here's a picture of New Orleans' red beans and rice:

It's pretty hilarious how extremely similar the dishes are, just different spices (but also some of the same ones as well).

And I also had some kaju katli tonight (Indian sweet) which tastes a whole lot like a praline:


This makes me think of tasty New Orleans food which just makes me really want this:
(Shrimp and grits from Surrey's -- coming October 2012...)

Though similar, Indian food is still my second favorite food to creole/cajun food.  Really suck that there's no sausage here by the way.

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  1. Gimme some of that rajma and rice :) I haven't had red beans in so long!