Tuesday, July 17, 2012


By the way, it's monsoon season here in Hyderabad so I thought I would add a picture (taken by my roommate, Ritika):

All the roads were flooding left and right!  And even in the rickshaw, I got soaking wet..

Ritika and I went shopping for some house supplies (for Indian cooking) and had a hell of a journey getting back to our flat.  We had too much stuff so wanted to get an auto, but it was raining a lot, the streets were flooding, and there were a mass amount of people on the road so no luck!  We had to walk home from the store (with heavy bags) in the flooding streets.  It was disastrous and just not fun at all.  Glad that's over.

On another note, Ritika cooked dahl and rice are it was awesome.  I just ate way too much of it.  Yum.  And tomorrow we are suppose to be doing some yoga in the morning!

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