Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing Frogger

Topic I’ve been meaning to update is about crossing the street in India.  Does anyone remember the game Frogger from like 4th grade?  It was awesome.  Basically, you played the character of a little green frogger than had to jump between traffic to cross the road without getting splatted.  As the levels progressed, the cars moved faster and faster as you tried to cross the road.  Essentially, crossing the road in India is like playing Frogger, except you’re actually a person and if you’re hit, you don’t actually have 3 videogame lives. 

Another thing I wanted to update about is spitting.  People are constantly spitting here.  Well, most the men, but occasionally women too.  (I won’t blame everything on the guys.)  But yeah, I understand why because I find I can also spit like the best of them.  The pollution here is pretty crazy, like crazy bad.  The exhaust from all of the cars and the constant traffic make the center of the city filled to the brim with pollution that gets stuck in the back of one’s throat.  There are pollution check trucks in various part of the city as well, but I don’t think they make any difference in the actual air quality.  Last time I was here in Hyderabad, I lived out on campus in Gachibowli, where one can actually breathe.  I’d be interested to see the statistics in 5 years on the likely increase of lung cancer in the Hyderabad area as the city’s population has grown too large for the infrastructure to handle…

Lastly, I’m heading to the U.S. on Friday and I am super excited!  First to see Rae in NYC!  And then to NOLA for Lum’s wedding and to hang out with my family!  It’s also a little bitter sweet because after this trip, I’ll be in India at least until the end of April 2013.  And I’m not really planning on going back to the US until the end of June 2013. 

Until next time!

Edit: I'm thinking about getting a nose ring.  Thoughts?

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